Stye Ointment 0.12 oz
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Stye Ointment 0.12 oz

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Clinically proven symptomatic relief.

Purpose Eye Ointment

Manufacturer Insight Phrm

Active Ingredients Mineral Oil 31.9%; White Petrolatum 57.7%
Directions Apply a small amount (one-fourth inch) of Stye ointment directly to the eyelid. Replace cap after use.

Inactive Ingredients Microcrystalline Wax; Stearic Acid; Wheat Germ Oil
Uses Temporarily relieves discomfort due to minor irritations. Ophthalmologist tested. Non-prescription drug products cannot treat the infection associated with a sty. But you can get temporary relief of its symptoms, including burning, stinging, discomfort, and itching, with Stye Sterile Lubricant Eye Ointment.

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