Nexcare Liquid Bandage Spray 0.61 oz (1 Pack)
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Nexcare Liquid Bandage Spray 0.61 oz (1 Pack)

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Feels better. Is better.

Purpose Liquid Bandage

Manufacturer 3m Consumer

Active Ingredients Hexamethyldisiloxane; Isooctane; Acrylate Terpolymer; Polyphenylmethylsiloxane

Directions 1. Wash wound thoroughly. Make sure wound is clean and dry. Do not apply ointment, cream or lotion. 2. Hold bottle of Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage 1 inch from wound and spray on a coat that covers the wound. 3. Allow to dry. Takes about 30 seconds. 4. Apply additional coats if needed and allow to dry. 5. Replace cap after use. 6. Reapply as necessary. 5. Replace cap after each use. Removal: Product naturally wears off as skin heals. If desired, applying another coat and quickly wiping off can remove product.
Uses Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage provides a unique skin shield (protectant) that doesn't sting when applied. It is alcohol free and soothes minor skin scrapes and abrasions. When applied, the thin shield provides a soothing, breathable, waterproof protection that promotes healing. For large areas. Waterproof.

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