Fleet Pedia-Lax Enema 2.25 oz (1 Pack)
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Fleet Pedia-Lax Enema 2.25 oz (1 Pack)

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High quality laxative products since 1869.

Purpose Laxative

Manufacturer C.B. Fleet

Active Ingredients Each 59 mL Delivered Dose: Monobasic Sodium Phosphate 9.5 g; Dibasic Sodium Phosphate 3.5 g

Directions Single Daily Dosage: Do not use more unless directed by a doctor. See Warnings. Children 5 to 11 years: 1 bottle or as directed by doctor. Children 2 to under 5 years: One-half bottle (see below). Children under 2 years: DO NOT USE. One-half bottle preparation: Unscrew cap and remove 2 tablespoons of liquid with a measuring spoon. Replace cap and follow DIRECTIONS on back of carton. How to use this enema: REMOVE ORANGE PROTECTIVE SHIELD FROM ENEMA COMFORTIP BEFORE INSERTING. With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. Insertion may be easier if child receiving enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus. Do not force the enema tip into rectum as this can cause injury. Squeeze bottle until nearly all liquid is gone. It is not necessary to empty the bottle completely, as it contains more liquid than needed. Remove Comfortip from rectum and keep child in position until urge to evacuate is strong (usually 1 to 5 minutes). Positions for using this enema: Left-side position: Place child on left side with knees bent and arms resting comfortably. Knee-chest position: Have child kneel, then lower head and chest forward until left side of face is resting on surface with left arm folded comfortably.

Inactive Ingredients Benzalkonium Chloride; Disodium EDTA; Purified Water; Each 59 mL Delivered Dose Contains: Sodium 2.2 g
Uses For relief of occasional constipation or bowel cleansing before rectal examinations. Complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft, pre-lubricated Comfortip. Protective shield prevents contamination. Pre-lubricated Comfortip for ease of insertion. One-way safety valve controls flow and prevents reflux. Easy squeeze bottle. Fleet Enemas are LATEX FREE. Allergic reactions to materials containing Latex is a growing and serious medical problem.

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