Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser Mixed Fruit 0.70 oz
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Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser Mixed Fruit 0.70 oz

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The oral care specialist.

Purpose Plaque Remover

Manufacturer Church/Dwigh

Active Ingredients Purified Water; Sorbitol; Propylene Glycol; Glycerin; Cellulose Gum; Poloxamer 407; Flavor; Simethicone; Methylparaben; Potassium Sorbate; Sodium Saccharin; Propylparaben; Citric Acid

Directions Wash hands. Cut open tip of tube on score mark. Place finger toothbrush securely on index finger. Apply a small amount of Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser to the fingerbrush. Gently brush your child's teeth and gums. For best results, use in the morning and at bedtime. Fingerbrush can be sterilized in boiling water before use and is dishwasher-safe or can be hand washed.
Uses Helps remove plaque for cleaner teeth. For babies 4 months and older. Pediatricians and pediatric dentists highly recommend that parents begin cleaning baby's teeth and gums everyday at an early age. Sugars in formula, juice and other foods can build up a plaque-like film. Cleaning the teeth and gums at an early age helps develop healthy habits for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser gently cleans teeth and gums with a mild, fruity flavor so your baby will enjoy it. Best of all, it's fluoride-free so it's safe to swallow.

Warnings Do not leave your baby unattended with fingerbrush. Safe if swallowed when used as directed.

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